Captain Hooks Discount Code 

Here you might find a Captain Hooks discount code available to use online. Some of our Captain Hooks discount codes may have expired or can only be used only on certain products or are connected to certain email addresses ie members, pre existing customers.

Below you can find a Captain Hooks discount code



This code allows 10% OFF our winery tour.

Expires 30/04/2018


This code allows a 20% discount on our Teide Masca full day island tour including Icod and Garachico.

Expires 30/04/2018 



This Captain Hooks Discount Code is valid for 20€ OFF selected private charter boats

Expires: 28/02/2018


This Captain Hooks Discount Code is valid for 10% discount on all excursions. Excluding park tickets.

Expires: 28/11/2017


This Captain Hooks Discount Code is valid for a 10€ discount on total cart spends. Is linked to certain email addresses of customer who have booked a holiday with Your Promo Holiday

Expires: One use only (Your Promo Holiday Customers Only) 


We hope you have found what you are looking for. Once you have made a purchase with Captain Hooks Excursions you may receive special offers via email on special occasions ie Christmas, Black Friday, Boxing Day sales. All excursions can be booked 12 months in advance and we are available on Live Chat from 8:00am – Midnight for any help with bookings.

Coming soon

We will give existing customers a chance of becoming affiliate members. You will be offered a discount code to allow your friends and family to use on purchases. You will redeem Captain Hooks Coins, which can be used towards your own excursions.