Cheap Tenerife Hotels

Captain Hooks has teamed up with Your Promo Holiday, providing cheap Tenerife hotels with 150 hotels on offer on the island and 80,000 hotels available worldwide! We offer accommodation in 3,4 and 5 star hotels on a board basis to suit you and your family.

Alternatively we can also offer a range of hotels on promotional holidays if you are interested in getting information on joining a holiday club. For more information on holiday clubs in Tenerife check out Your Promo Holiday by clicking the button below. If a promotional holiday is not for you keep on reading and fill out the from below for our quote.


We aim to be cheaper than the bigger hotel booking sites. Admittedly the process is a little slower than searching through search engines but give us ago, and we will try to find the perfect accommodation at a budget that suits you. 

How are we cheaper?

We can offer cheap Tenerife hotels due to all of our hotel bookings being managed in one office, online by a small team. This eliminates a huge amount of over heads.

Let Captain Hooks give you a hotel quote so that you can see the discounts available. Don´t spend hours searching multiple booking sites. Fill in your details below and we will do all the work and find the accommodation for you. You will receive your quote by email during normal business hours.

Before you begin, why not search for the cheapest flights first and request a quote on those dates.


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