Personal data protection has the highest priority. This shall also apply to our branch “thingstodointenerife.es” and also to all of our other services. Therefore, we respect the statutory data protection provisions. We shall inform about the use of the Client’s personal data as follows:

In this policy, “Contractor” refers to [thingstodointenerife.es] 

  1. “Anonymous data” mean the data which allow for no reference to the person. The evaluation of anonymous data is used, e.g. for the analysis of the user habits at yourpromoholiday.com, in order to improve our service offer.
  2. “Personal data” mean only the information which can facilitate the identification of the relevant person, in particular, a name, address, phone number, date of birth. If and to the extent that the Client provides personal data, the Contractor shall use them only within the framework of the consent granted by the Client and only for the purpose indicated each time. This shall also apply to the case when the Contractor uses a third party to provide its services. The Client may cancel such granted consent at any time. The personal data shall be used and forwarded for advertising purposes, when the Client grants an express, written consent for it in every case.
  3. This website contains the so-called cookies. Cookies comprise information saved on the computer of the Client. Cookies are applied to provide the Client with the access to specific functions. If the Client does not want to accept any cookies, it can configure its browser in the relevant manner. However, the Contractor would like to indicate that in this case yourpromoholiday.com will not operate or will not fully operate under the circumstances.
  4. The information which is transferred on the internet is usually not encrypted. Therefore, the transferred information may be visible to, among others, third parties.