BOB Diving Tenerife Safari

BOB diving Tenerife. First there was scuba diving......and then there was BOB Diving!

BOB Diving Tenerife

BOB diving Tenerife offers all the underwater fun of traditional scuba diving, with much less effort. Despite looking like something secret agent 007 might use, you don’t need to be James Bond to enjoy exploring Tenerife’s underwater world. Our modern underwater scooters can be used by anyone.

They are safe, easy and exciting.

Safari BOB diving Tenerife is the first BOB diving centre in Europe. The have been operating since 1997.

So while on holiday on the island, don´t miss the opportunity to enjoy a fabulous underwater experience that will be the highlight of your trip.

* Duration: 2 hours
* Minimum age: 12 years
* Minimum heights: 1.55m
* Important: know how to swim, no dive 12hrs before your flight
* Departure point: Puerto Colon

The BOB diving experience begins and ends at Puerto Colon in the south of Tenerife. Transfers to and from your hotel are not included. 

B.O.B Diving

Adult 5550€ – Child 5550€

B.O.B Spectator

Adult 30€ – Child 30€