Tenerife Rent A Boat 60€

Tenerife Rent a Boat

Tenerife Rent A Boat is a company dedicated to boat rentals. Our Tenerife Rent A Boat allows you to drive the boat with no license needed. Experience the adventure of a lifetime.

The Tenerife Rent A Boat are very easy and very safe to use. We explain a very easy to follow map where you will be able to discover the real beauty of our island, such as beautiful marine animals, caves, snorkelling with turtles and many other beautiful things our island has to offer. 

Its one of the best ways to see the island. The boats are 4.5mt long with a 15hp engine, they hold up to 4 people.

Tenerife Rent A Boat welcomes you to bring along a packed lunch and drinks. We will explain the best way to go with the current weather conditions and where you would be more likely to spot dolphins. We will drive you out to sea and then leave you to enjoy your day meeting back at an arranged time to bring you back into Puerto Colon. 


*Prices include life jacket, insurance, briefing, map and waterproof bags.

You must bring one form of photo identification, a mobile phone and a 20€ refundable deposit

You must reserve this trip in advance to ensure you get the day and times you want.


1 Hour 60€
2 Hour 110€
3 Hour 150€
4 Hour 180€
8 Hour 320€