Family Holidays in Tenerife

What makes family holidays in Tenerife so popular?

Family holidays in Tenerife have been extremely popular since the 1980´s and have been on the rise over the last decade. Tenerife is home to some of the worlds best attractions, best weather and is one of the safest holiday destinations worldwide. We will explain during this post, why family holidays in Tenerife are such a popular choice for holidaymakers and what brings families back to Tenerife year after year.

Best weather in the world

The south of Tenerife receives the best weather with average temperatures between 20 degrees in the winter and 30 in the summer months. This makes for great family holidays in Tenerife as no matter which season you decide to take that family holiday, you are in for some great weather. Tenerife is a year round destination unlike most of the worlds tourist hubs, there is no monsoon or hurricane season to ruin your holiday.

Safe family destination

Tenerife is free from seasonal disasters, low in crime compared to many of Europe´s holiday destinations and has been completely free from terror related attacks. You can travel around safely anywhere on the island.

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Best attractions in the world

The attractions on offer here are what really makes family holidays in Tenerife so spectacular! Tenerife is home to 2 water parks, 3 zoos, water sports and evening shows. The amazing all year round marine life combined with our all year round glorious weather means that Tenerife offers the best quality boat trips.

Water Parks

There are 2 water parks in Tenerife, Siam Park and Aqualand. Both parks are located in the South of Tenerife and offer complimentary transfers from selected areas. 

Siam Park has been awarded the Trip Advisor Travelers Choice Award and has been voted the number 1 water park in the entire world 4 years running. This leaves Disney´s Typhoon Lagoon trailing back at number 5. Siam Park has water slides suitable for the whole family but aims more towards the older kids and adults. They do have selected areas especially for the younger children and with a second wave pool especially for the little ones.
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Aqualand was the first water park built in Tenerife and they are constantly revamping and upgrading their parks amenities. The park is aimed more at families with younger children as they have lots of slides available with no height restrictions and large play areas for infants. Aqualand also offers a free dolphin show within in the water park which is great fun for any ages.


There are 3 zoos in Tenerife. Loro Parque, Jungle Park & Monkey Park.

Loro Parque is the biggest zoo on the island and has been awarded the Trip Advisor Travelers Choice Awards and voted the number 1 zoological park in the entire world for the last 2 years just beating the infamous San Diego Zoo. The fantastic Loro Parque is located in the north of Tenerife approximately 1 hour 20 minutes drive from the more popular southern coast. The park entertains the crowds with a number of shows available throughout the day. Orca shows, dolphin shows, sea lion shows and parrot shows are complimentary to all guests. The Discovery Tour is a fantastic opportunity to go behind the scenes and learn more about these fantastic animals. 
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Jungle Park is located in the south of Tenerife with easy access via taxis or their complimentary shuttle that runs from selected areas. Great for all ages, Jungle Park has a small petting zoo for little children, sea lion show and what we believe to be the best birds of prey show around the globe. The park also has paid for attraction onsite such as the bob sleds which are great fun for adults and children.
Jungle Park

Monkey Park is the smallest zoo in Tenerife but is a great way to spend a few hours of your day. With an entrance fee of just 10€ per adult and 5€ per child makes this zoo affordable for all people on all budgets. You can feed the monkeys, guinea pigs and tortoises and even interact with monkeys up close. The park is located in the south of Tenerife.

Water Sports

Water Sports are available from the majority of the beaches in the south of Tenerife. Booking in advance during school holidays is recommended to get the time you would like. Water sports include banana boat, fly fish, parascending and jet skis. Jet skis can be driven by children from the age of 16 with no passenger. To drive with a passenger you need to be 18 or over. Children can ride on the back of an adult from around 10 years of age depending on the company you use. Parascending is available and perfectly safe for infants as young as 18 months old, so travelling as a single parent will not give you any excuses not to take part.

Family Boat Trips

The Atlantic Ocean surrounding Tenerife is home to 28 species of whales and dolphins. The most common whales are pilot whales which you have a 99% chance of sightings. The most common dolphins are the bottlenose dolphins which are sighted on at least 50% of trips. Boat trips here make family holidays in Tenerife a holiday to remember. Recommended boat trips for families would be the Royal Dolphin, Ragnarok, Mustcat catamaran. If travelling with older teenagers you can get something a bit more luxurious and personal on boat the Skyline 1 or Skyline Cruiser.

Royal Dolphin 

The Royal Dolphin is aimed more at families with younger children. It is also great for anyone who can suffer with sea sickness. Being the biggest boat available for whale watching trips, it is a lot sturdier on the waves. It also has high sides surrounding the edges of the boat making it safe and enjoyable for children to run around. This catamaran has 3 levels, you can view the marine life through the large windows in the underwater area. The mid level if you would prefer shade and the top platform for the sun worshippers. All levels have great views. The Royal Dolphin offers 2, 3 and 4.5 hour trips allowing you to pick the most suitable for your family.
Royal Dolphin


The Ragnarok is a large one of a kind viking boat that offers entertainment throughout. The 3 hour trip including face painting, a viking show as well as games for the adults and children. Their sole aim is to keep the entire crowd having fun whilst searching for whales and dolphins.
Ragnarok Viking Boat


Mustcat is one of many catamarans available in Tenerife. What makes this the best catamaran for families is the high level of customer service and knowledge from the crew. Unlike a lot of the catamarans in Tenerife, the Mustcat never runs at the maximum legal capacity, always cutting the bookings off early allows for a much more relaxing trip with plenty of room to move about.
Mustcat Catamaran

Skyline 1

This boat is a small sailing yacht which takes out a maximum of 11 people making this a very personal experience. There are many sailing yachts available in Tenerife but Skyline 1 stands out from the rest. It is very affordable whilst still maintaining a high level of luxury. They have a very friendly and professional crew and an extremely high level of customer service. Nothing is too much trouble for the Skyline team. The Skyline 1 is more suited to couples or families travelling with children over the age of 10.
Skyline 1

Skyline Cruiser 

This beautiful boat is what we believe to be the most luxurious speed cruiser available on a pay per person trip. A little more expensive than the Skyline 1 but does offer more comfort, inside area with protection from the sun. You can sit at the back of the boat on the comfortable leather seating. If you prefer, you can soak up the sun on the sunbathing area on the front of the boat. Taking a maximum of 11 gives you that personal experience as well as some room to move around freely.
Skyline Cruiser

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Accommodation in Tenerife

There is an array of accommodation available on the island making it ideal for family holidays in Tenerife. You will find accommodation to suit everyone’s needs and budgets. All inclusive hotels and privately rented self catering apartments are readility available. Also, timeshare exchange resorts and cheap promotional holidays are available all over the south of the Island.

Tenerife is known for cheap affordable package deals. If you like your home comforts then privately rented apartments are also available all over Tenerife. The island also sees a lot of timeshare resorts giving timeshare owners a wide variety of exchange options available. This also means resorts are offering promotional holidays for families to vist Tenerife and sample their hotels for next to nothing. Your Promo Holiday offers promotional holidays from as little as £149 per family for a 7 night stay in sea front properties. This can make family holidays in Tenerife a lot more affordable but are not available for everyone as they have age requirements and terms and conditions of their promotions. You can find full information on promotional holidays by clicking the link below.

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