Why buy excursions before getting to Tenerife?

Before you go on holiday you often need to ask yourselves these questions. Should I book the trips I want to do before I go on holiday?, Is it going to be cheaper to book the excursions when I get there? and who do I trust when booking excursions?

For months before I came to Tenerife I found myself googling things, like what is there to do in tenerife? what are the most popular days out?, and I was finding all sorts of exciting excursions to do. But is it cheaper to buy excursions before getting to Tenerife. I wasn´t sure if the great prices I found online were really a great deal or if I would arrive in Tenerife to find that booking excursions on the street would be cheaper.

Is it better to buy from your hotel or on the street in Tenerife?

Buying excursions from the hotel

This article should help you understand how to save money when booking excursions on holiday. When you arrive in Tenerife you are likely to attend a welcome meeting with your holiday rep and we can guarantee that those prices will be a lot more expensive. This is not because the holiday rep stood in front of you is being greedy. Holiday companies have far more overheads than someone on the street selling tickets. Travel agents need to take their cut, they have to cover the cost of the high rent for there shop/office in the hotel and of course the hotel owner needs to take his percentage. On top of that, because they are huge companies they have to stick to all of the rules so paying tax is a must. Last of all, the person selling the ticket to you needs to get paid as they work on commission only it needs to be worth their while to do that job. It is definitely cheaper to buy excursions before getting to Tenerife.

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Is it better to buy excursions from an excursion shop or buy excursions before getting to Tenerife?

Buying excursions from excursion shops

When you buy an excursion on the street or from a shop you are dealing with sales people who work on commission only. You are stood face to face with them and they are trained to read your body language and see buying signals you may not know you are giving. Having children with you can be the biggest giveaway as their excitement can push the price of a ticket right up. However, they will always be a lot cheaper than buying trips from your hotel. Unless the sales person in front of you own the excursion shop themselves, they will only be taking a small cut of the commission and the owner of the shop still needs to be paid and the rent of the stall. Even if you are buying from someone stood outside a shop behind a couple of posters, if they are in a busy area their rent would be more than the cost of renting a shop in a quiet part of town. So don´t be fooled by thinking they have no over heads. The owner isn´t the one stood there and probably has many other excursion booths round town. So unless you happen to be in a shop dealing with the owner himself you are not likely to get cheaper than buying online. If buying excursions outside of your hotel it would always be best to buy from an actual shop opposed to a small booth. At least you know it won´t be gone the next day. It is also likely that the person working there is the owner or it is the persons only working location. Sales people from booths often rotate where they work and do not care if they create a unhappy customer as they will not see them again or have to deal with their complaint. 

It can be better to buy excursions before getting to Tenerife.

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Buy excursions before getting to Tenerife

When you book an excursion online you are usually not dealing with a sales person but someone who deals with the businesses marketing or the owner himself. Therefore, there is not a huge amount of commission to be needed from the sale. They would rather take a sale with low commission as to them it is free money. They have had to do nothing for the sale and also they don´t know how easily sold you would be. It´s not like you are stood in front of them and they can work out if you are showing buying signals.

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