Night shows in Tenerife. What is there to do at night in Tenerife?

There are 3 great evening shows in Tenerife for couples and the whole family to enjoy. Captain hooks Excursions offer the best prices available.

Tenerife hosts three amazing night shows in Tenerife which are Music Hall Tavern, Showtime Live and Medieval Adventure. 

Music Hall Tavern

Music Hall Tavern host the funniest comedy drag night shows in Tenerife, Lanzarote, Gran Canaria and Fuerteventura. You may have also seen them on TV´s Loose Women.

A truly magical night of dazzling costumes, side-splitting laughter and a cast of unique characters singing and dancing all night long.

stunning array of colours, lights and laughter, suitable for all the family.

The funniest night of your holiday.

night shows in tenerife

For more information, booking and pricing click the link http://www.thingstodointenerife.es/destination/music-hall-tavern/


Showtime Live

Showtime Live is the most unique out of all the night shows in Tenerife with something for everybody.
This exclusive show to Tenerife features award winning singers and dancers, with fabulous live vocals, stunning dance routines, new visual comedy scenes, and jaw dropping illusions.

There are various ticket options from just 37€ for the Show and drinks or show and meal option, to 51€ for the Gold upgrade which includes meal and drinks all evening (including local spirits)… and the best seats in the house! So, if you’re only having one night out this holiday, make sure it’s this one! 

Showtime Live is…..
Perfect for ALL ages, families, couples, and groups. (guaranteed reserved seating together)
The place for your celebration, with FREE champagne for Birthdays, Anniversaries etc. (must be pre-advised, can be announced during show on request)
Has a good balance of comedy, illusions, and musical performances.
Has all live singing, professional show from ex-West End production cast.
Has been awarded a certificate of excellence by TripAdvisor for the second year running! (as Sound of Musicals)

night shows tenerife

For more information, booking and pricing click the link http://www.thingstodointenerife.es/destination/showtime-live-tenerife/


Medieval Adventure

Experience Medieval Adventure and Drifters Concert. Feast medieval style and cheer on your favourite knight as he battles and jousts his way to victory. This truly is one of the great night shows in Tenerife.

The entrance is decorated with historical armour, swords, chests and scrolls of the medieval epoch. The Count, Don Rodrigo, and his daughter, the young Countess, will greet you and welcome you to their Castle. The kind subjects of Count Rodrigo will guide you to the Tournament Hall, where the complex show of medieval fights and games will take place in the presence of the Counts in their Royal box seats.

During the Tournament, you will be served the banquet just as it was done in medieval times; The soup is drunk and an entire chicken per person with its garnish is eaten by hand.The dinner is completed with dessert and beverages.

The Count´s guests are seated in stands of long tables and benches where the visibility is optimal from anywhere in the Tournament Hall. The sand arena where the horses and knights will perform is of 50 metres in long.

The Hall has a capacity of 1100 guests.Usually after the Tournaments, the guests move to adjourn to a second hall which has a capacity for 800 guests.

The Ballroom, as Count Rodrigo calls it, has a large stage where the guests can dance, where any type of performance can be arranged: Orchestra, Comedians, Acrobatics, Spanish Ballet, etc. 

night shows in tenerife

For more information, booking and pricing click the link http://www.thingstodointenerife.es/destination/medieval-adventure/