Best proposals in Tenerife.

I want to propose to my girlfriend in Tenerife, any help please!!!!

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Many couples of all ages visit Tenerife for their romantic holidays. Its picturesque landscape makes the ideal backdrop for proposals in Tenerife. It´s all year round sunshine also helps put your mind at ease that there should be no nasty surprises weather wise, such as monsoons, hurricanes and tornadoes.

Here are some tips when proposing in Tenerife

If you want to propose to your girlfriend in Tenerife then you have chose a good destination but you are limited. You need chose the right place for the right time of year. For the guy, this can be more important than the actual wedding.

Night time proposals

If you are looking for a romantic night setting for that perfect proposal you must remember that even though Tenerife is known for its perfect weather, in January, February and March it can get rather cold at night. There is nothing worse than having a cold angry fiance.

Proposals at the top of Mount Teide

Being almost 3000 meters high at night time and seeing the majestic milky way is pretty incredible but make sure to not book it on a coach trip. The coach trips up to Mount Teide are not a romantic experience. 55 people all up there together listening to a astronomer explain in detail about every star cluster in 6 different languages can make any trip boring. At night it can also get rather cold, especially in the winter months. It can be lovely and sunny down at the beach and snowing up in Teide National Park.

There are many Teide at night experiences to choose from. Drive up on a quad bike or buggy and ask the guide totake you to the most ramantic spot! Or you could opt for a stargazing experience with an astronimer.

Teide at Night Options

Proposals in Tenerife

Romantic picnic on the beach

If you are intending to propose to your girlfriend on a romantic beach, you are best to do this in the colder months if you would like a bit of time for yourself.  The beaches in Tenerife will be full of tourists in summer and there are not many secluded beached on the island. Those that do exist you will need to drive to and they will not be sandy beaches as Tenerife is a volcanic island and its natural beaches are black sand and/ or rocks. If you do happen to find an empty golden sandy beach then the chances are, its empty because of some unusually bad winds that will not make it enjoyable for anyone.

Proposals in Tenerife

Best restaurant in Tenerife for proposals

This would depend on where you are staying, the most romantic restaurants are going to be the more pricey ones so you are best to search for one near the 5 star hotels or the designer stores. Restaurants such as Venture Restaurants are a great pick.

Proposals in Tenerife

Romantic boat proposals.

A romantic boat trip in Tenerife would definitely be one of the best proposals in Tenerife. There are many trips that can offer 3 or 4 hours trips. However, the more luxurious boats will have the option for private charters and sunset cruises.

We would recommend either a sailing yacht or an upgrade to the one of a kind luxury Skyline Cruiser.

The best tip we can give if you are planning a romantic boat proposal is to make sure to take seasickness into account. If you chose to propose on a luxury sailing yacht, 90% of the year the sea conditions are perfect. However, the sailing yachts can make a less enjoyable experience if you or your soon to be fiance suffer regularly of seasickness. You might happen to have your trip in the 10% of the year when Tenerife are hit with waves and windy weather.

The luxury Skyline Cruiser is definitely the better choice to avoid this from happening. If you private charter any boat you are sure to be on for a winner.

Private Charter Options

So here you have some of our advice on proposals in Tenerife. What to avoid and what we think is best. Below are the 4 best options.

Top 4 proposals in Tenerife


4) Posh restaurant proposals in Tenerife


3) Teide By Night Experience


2) Private Charter Sailing Yacht


1) Skyline Cruiser

The most important thing we must tell you, is to plan and book your proposal before you arrive. Speaking from experience, your soon to be fiance will realise you are up to something when you keep disappearing and she ends up spending most of this romantic holiday at the pool on her own. Finally, good luck and I hope she says yes!.

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