Things to do at Puerto Colon Harbour

About Puerto Colon harbour

Puerto Colon harbour, located in Playa de las Americas is the busiest harbour in the south of Tenerife. This very active port is the hub of the tourist industry of Playa de las Americas & Costa Adeje. Offering a nice family beach, bars, cafes, restaurants and a large variety of boat trips and water sports. There are plenty of things to do at Puerto Colon harbour for the whole family to enjoy. To save you time, we have listed what we believe to be the best boat trips, water sports and eateries available!

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Things to do at Puerto Colon harbour

Boat Trips

The best thing to do at Puerto Colon harbour is to head out to sea and discover the beautiful marine animals that live in our ocean waters all year round. Whether you travel as a family, group or as a couple, there is a boat trip to suit all budgets. The marine life that surrounds Tenerife is nothing short of spectacular! A large variety of whales and dolphins can be spotted during an afternoon out at sea, the more commonly seen being pilot whales and bottlenose dolphins. Please only book a boat trip with a company that displays the Blue Boat Badge. These companies comply with all rules that guarantee the sightseeing of the whales and dolphins with their maximum welfare considered.

Family Boat Trips

There are many boat trips suitable for families at Puerto Colon harbour but we have focused on families travelling with small children. Based on the cost, flexible duration and safety we believe the best boat trip for families is the Royal Dolphin. Royal Dolphin offer a 2, 3 and 4.5 hour trip, so if it is your first time on the water with the little ones you can choose to opt for a shorter trip to test the waters.

This glass bottom boat is set on 3 levels all with high sides giving you that piece of mind that your kids can wander around safely. The top level offers a viewing platform in the sun, the middle level is an enclosed area to escape the suns rays if needed, and the below level is the underwater viewing area, great to see the marine life up close.
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Things to do at Puerto Colon harbour


If you are travelling as a group, there is nothing better than private chartering a boat exclusively for your group. Private chartering a boat allows you to give instructions to your Captain to take you where you would like to go, what music you would like to listen to and how long to stop for a swim. As you are private chartering the boat you can decide the length of your experience starting with a minimum 3 hours.

Private charters sounds expensive but splitting the cost amongst you all will work out much better value for money. We believe the Skyline Cruiser or Skyline sailing yacht offers customers the best experience. Professionalism along with the standards of the boats will make this the highlight of your holiday. Both boats hold a maximum of 11 people and provide transfers, beer, white wine, cava, soft drinks, water and snorkelling equipment. 

Couple boat trips

For a couple we believe the best boats to be the smaller boats, just like the private charters, the Skyline Cruiser and the Skyline sailing yacht also offer daily trips departing 2 or 3 times a day. On the smaller boats you will avoid the crowds and will receive a very personal experience during a 3 hour shared trip.
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B.O.B. Diving

Taking diving to a new level, this fantastic excursion is perfect for those who might feel a little uneasy with or claustrophobic at the thought of scuba diving. This excursion lasts for around 2 hours, taking you out by boat to a secluded spot full of marine life. In this are you will have the chance to see a variety of fish, octopus and sea turtles. You will get 30 minutes of dive time with a guided dive master in groups of 4. B.O.B. Diving really is a once in a lifetime opportunity as there aren´t many places to enjoy diving this way.
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Parascending is a must on every holiday and is the most popular amongst all the things to do at Puerto Colon harbour. Frequent trips take place throughout the day and are ideal for all group sizes. Choose from flying high as a single, double or triple. Parascending is a very safe water sport activity and infants as young as 18 months can fly!
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Jet Ski Safaris

Much more exciting than just renting a jet ski, you can participate in a jet ski safari. Heading out in a small group of up to 6 or 8 jet skis, you will follow a speed boat on this guided safari. Speeding fast and bouncing over waves will really get your adrenaline pumping. 1 or 2 hour safaris are available.

We recommend paying that little bit extra and booking a 2 hour safari as they will head to the Palm Mar sea caves where you will see the spectacular cliffs with time for a quick 10 minute swim to cool down half way. During the 2 hour safaris it is possible to come across a pod of dolphins during your excursion. Remember these are wild animals and should only be viewed from a safe distance not to endanger or stress out these beautiful marine mammals.
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If your a keen fisherman then this will be on the top of your list of things to do at Puerto Colon harbour. 4 hour fishing trips depart from Puerto Colon harbour twice a day, in the mornings and afternoons. There are few companies to chose from. We recommend using a company that takes out smaller groups as this will give you a better catch rate. The Rodfather is an excellent company which takes only 8 people, provides beers, white wine, soft drinks and sandwiches. Trips are available for fisherman as well as spectators on shared or private charters.
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Right next to Puerto Colon harbour is Playa de Puerto Colon which is a small beach is great for families. They have large inflatables in the sea for the kids to enjoy all day long. For a very reasonable fee the children can spend the day in and out of the water playing and making memories and friends. You can spend the entire day relaxing at Playa de Puerto Colon. The promenade is lined with bars, cafes, restaurants and shops.
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things to do at Puerto Colon

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