Things to do in Tenerife after lock-down

Residents Discounts

Everyone is struggling that little bit more due to the affect that lock-down has had on us. We will not be selling excursions until the borders have opened and tourist begin to arrive to our lovely island again. However; we would like to support our best excursions companies on the island.

As restrictions lift, many excursion companies will be offering their BIGGEST discounts to Tenerife residents!

We are all struggling financially at this time and are in need to get out and explore our lovely island again. We have contacted all of our best excursion companies and asked them to inform us as they re-open and let us know the best offers for residents.

Register on the form below and we will notify you of their amazing offers. We will send you information allowing you to book directly with the owners to save you money! Captain Hooks will not be profiting from sales of excursions during this time.

Help support tourism and the local economy!

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