Travel bloggers competition

2019 Travel Bloggers Competition

Captain Hooks Excursions have teamed up with Your Promo Holiday to host a travel bloggers competition. We will pick one winner to enjoy an action packed week in Tenerife. 

Bloggers Competition Prize

The winner will receive a 7 night, fun filled holiday in Tenerife.

We would like you to enjoy an action packed week to visit all the desirable places and take part in the best excursions Tenerife has to offer. As part of this competition win you will complete one last post for Captain Hooks Excursions & Your Promo Holiday promoting this magnificent island.

How to enter our travel bloggers competition

Fill out the form at the bottom of this post and we will choose 10 finalist bloggers who have travelled in, travelling to or live in Malta or Costa del Sol, Spain.

You must have already written a travel blog or post for any destination for us to read for you to be considered for making the top 10.
5 bloggers for Malta and 5 bloggers for Costa del Sol, Spain will compete by writing a minimum 500 word post about their chosen destination (Malta or Costa del Sol). As a guest / freelancer blogger you will need to have your fully completed post ready to be published on Your Promo Holidays website on 31st March. 

The post must be written in English.

How to win our travel bloggers competition

The winner will be based on a number of factors and the data will be shown monthly on this page. All results we be documented using Stat Counter & HubSpot.

The deciding factor will be based on the following.

  1. Who appears highest on our list of most popular pages
  2. Number of page entries
  3. Number of online sign up forms completed (where visitors came from your post)
  4. Number of converted leads to bookings (from leads that came from your post. Using your post as a landing page)
  5. Nationality of visitors (we are currently looking for visitors from the UK)

You will lose points or be disqualified from the competition if you are found to breach the below rules

  1. If we receive non genuine leads through our sign up forms
  2. A large amount of page visit lengths that are less than 4 minutes
  3. If your post contains duplicate content or copy-write images

The competition will run for 6 months with the winner being announced 1st September. The winner will be announced by email to everyone who applied, on our social media pages and in any social media groups that we belong to that are connected to bloggers, affiliates and websites.

Do you think you have what it takes?

Submit your details below!!


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