Whale and Dolphin watching in Tenerife

We want to go whale and Dolphin watching in Tenerife.

Whale and dolphin experiences in Tenerife

If you are wanting do whale and dolphin watching in Tenerife, you have a few options. From the more obvious, by visiting Loro Parque, to getting up close to see them in their natural environment by jet ski or boat.

What are the chances of seeing the whales and dolphins in Tenerife?

You have different choices when going to see the whales and dolphins in Tenerife. Each experience is different and will affect the chances of an actual sighting.

This is an estimate based on sighting by our staff and client at Captain Hooks Excursions.

Kayak with dolphins: 80% Dolphins – 5% Whales

Jet Ski Safari: 80% Dolphins – 20% Whales

Boat Trips: 80% Dolphins – 99% Whales

Aqualand: 100% Dolphins – 0% Whales

Loro Parque: 100% Dolphins – 100% Whales


What are the best ways to see the whales and dolphins in Tenerife?

Now you know what the chances of seeing the whales and dolphins in Tenerife are, we will now explain to you what we think is the best way to go whale and dolphin watching in Tenerife.

5th Place

Aqualand: If you have heard of Aqualand then you will automatically think of the water park. Aqualand was the first of 2 water parks built in Tenerife and in our opinion does not compare to Siam Park which is voted no.1 water park in the world. Aqualand does, however, have probably the best dolphin show we have ever seen. You will also have the opportunity to pay for the dolphin experience which will give you the chance to get you photo taken with the dolphins and be able to get up close and person with a dolphin. You can not get in the water with them but this is still a great opportunity to have some great holiday photos and learn about the animals.

Tips: If you pre buy your ticket and print it out before you arrive, it will be an open ticket and save you having to queue up and pay on the door. More time for the slides! You can pre book with Captain Hooks Excursions and you must print the ticket. Visit www.thingstodointenerife.es or contact through our Facebook page ´Captain Hooks Excursions Tenerife´

Whale and Dolphin watching in Tenerife

4th Place

Loro Parque: Now Loro Parque may be voted the No.1 Zoo in Europe and No.2 Zoo in the World and it is definitely a must do in Tenerife. The orca and dolphin shows are great to see but it does not compare to seeing them in the wild. I mean you will not see a killer whale off the shores of Tenerife, but in our opinion seeing a sperm whale or pilot whale in the wild is much better than seeing a killer whale in a zoo. Loro Parque is given 4th position due to the fact you can see a dolphin show and an whale show but this is not the best way to go whale and dolphin watching in Tenerife.

Tips: If you are visiting Loro Parque on you holiday you should know that the park is in the north of Tenerife. Be careful who you book with. There are companies offering FREE 5€ vouchers to spend at the park if you book online, but if you are staying in the south of Tenerife then it would cost you between 17€ and 19€ per person for the transfer to and from the park if you don’t plan to hire a car and drive yourself. Ticket prices should be the same wherever you buy them as Siam Park and Loro Parque are very strict about discounting ticket prices. Pre booking tickets is best as you will not have to queue on entrance to any of the parks and always book it with the express bus. Excursion shops and hotels get paid more commission to use the regular bus. The regular bus will take 2h 30 mins and the express should take only 1h 20 mins. To book in advance you must know the day you want to go if needing transport and must be able to print the ticket. Losing the ticket is the same as losing the money you paid. To pre book tickets visit www.thingstodointenerife.es or contact us through our Facebook page ´Captain Hooks Excursions Tenerife´

Whale and Dolphin watching in Tenerife

3rd Place 

Kayaking with Dolphins: Whale and Dolphin watching in Tenerife by kayaking with dolphins is a great experience and if it was guaranteed 100% I would say this would have made number 1. The fact is, if you happen to be in that 20% of people who don’t get to see the dolphins then you have just paid 35€ to go kayaking. You don’t have to go far out to sea to get a good sighting of the dolphins as just around the corner at their base in Los Cristianos is the Palm Mar fish farms. I know its cheating a bit by going where they eat but it is the best chance to quickly and easily see dolphins in the wild in Tenerife. Even the boats take you close by the fish farms to get close to the whales. This is why boats, kayaks and jet skis all have the same 80% chance of sightings.

Tips: You will be out for a few hours so make sure that if you take children there is an adult to paddle for them. Booking in advance is possible but the schedule can change ie. starting times etc. Also you should check the weather for wind and waves as this would be the first excursion to get cancelled due to bad weather. We recommend liking our Facebook page ´Captain Hooks Excursions Tenerife´ and send us a message to remind us to contact you a few days before you are due to arrive. We can tell you the exact time and use our specially designed computer apps to let you know what day you would have the best weather giving you the best experience.

Whale and Dolphin watching in Tenerife

2nd Place

Jet Ski Safari: Whale and Dolphin watching in Tenerife by ski safaris, for me, are the funnest excursions in Tenerife. Following a speed boat and jetting off as fast as you can is exciting without seeing the dolphins, so adding some marine mammals into the mix can only make it better. The dolphins act like they are in a race with your jet ski and they jump in and out of the water in front of your bikes. This excursion is great for everyone. If you are a confident rider you can speed ahead, if not, the experienced staff will ensure you have just as good an adventure at your own pace. The chance of seeing dolphins in not a guarantee, but the 2 hour jet ski safaris do the same route as the boats so you have just as much chance of seeing them. Remember it is only on the 2 hour jet ski safaris that you have this chance. Do not let anyone sell you a ticket for the 1 hour jet ski safari on the basis that you will see dolphins, you won´t. Seeing the whales on the 2 hour jet ski safari is possible but don´t expect it. If it happens its a bonus. There are a lot of companies that offer the jet ski safaris, they all do very similar trips but there is a massive difference in price between them so do your research.

Tips: Booking in advance will ensure you get booked on the best priced trip. If you wait until you arrive in Tenerife you should still be able to book a jet ski safari but the cheaper option may be fully booked as this is the most popular. There is no difference in quality between them. Booking in advance, even a week before you arrive, should guarantee you to have your adventure. Prices are subject to change from winter to summer so booking in winter for summer may save you even more. Contact us through our Facebook page ´Captain Hooks Excursions Tenerife´ or visit www.thingstodointenerife.es

Whale and Dolphin watching in Tenerife

1st Place

Boat trips: We have put the category of boat trips as the number 1 way to go whale and dolphin watching in Tenerife. Of course this would depend on which boat you go on. For me personally I prefer the smaller boats for a more close up encounter. The boat trips are all pretty much guaranteed to see the whales and an 80% chance of seeing the dolphins. The boat trips generally do 2 hour, 3 hour and 4.5 hour trips. All the trips travel past the fish farms which gives you an almost certain chance to see some dolphins early on in your adventure. You are guaranteed to see the whales as they sleep on the surface so they are easy to find where as the dolphins sleep underwater. The best time for spotting dolphins would be in the morning as that is when they are out hunting for food. Your overall boat trip experience would depend on the trip you choose. Trips cost from 20€ for a 2 hour trip to 55 € for a 4.5 hour trip. Our recommendation would be to spend 50€ if it is within you budget and do it in style. For 50€ you can go out on the luxury Skyline Cruiser for a 3 hour trip (including transport to and from the boat). This also includes beer, wine, soft drinks and sandwiches. If you are a large group then take out a private charter on the Skyline Cruiser for 500€ for up to 12 people or a luxury sailing yacht for a little less at 35€ per person and only 350€ for a private charter for up to 11 people. Visit our website for more info on all boat trips in Tenerife. www.thingstodointenerife.es or like our Facebook page ´Captain Hooks Excursions Tenerife´. A member of our team will happy chat live with you about all the boat trips on offer and what is better for you and your family.

Tips: If you decide to either private charter a boat or book a trip on a small boat, such as a luxury sailing yacht or the Skyline Cruiser, try to book in advance. During summer especially as trying to get availability on a small boat in a weeks notice is near impossible. Outside of summer you could book a sailing yacht with a few days notice as there is plenty of them but the Skyline Cruiser is a one of a kind an is almost always booked up in advance.

Whale and Dolphin watching in Tenerife